Janis Joplin – Authentic Autographed Letter Signed…

                                                               JANİS  JOPLİN


70’li yılların gençlik idolü…Dünyanın en iyi kadın vokallerinden.                     Blues müziğinin altın kızı…Erken yitirilen büyük yeteneklerden.                 Sesinin ne rengi, ne de tonunun başka kimsede olmadığı söylenmekte.              “Dışı beyaz, içi çikolata kaplı” şarkıcı demiş sevenlerinden biri.

Gelmiş geçmiş en iyi kadın blues şarkıcılarından biri olarak kabul edilen Janis Joplin’in 25.10.1965’de erkek arkadaşı Peter de Blanc’a  yazdığı mektup bugünlerde internette 7,310.05 US $’a  satışta…

Onun simgesi olan yuvarlak çerçeveli gözlüğü geldi bugün doğum günü hediyesi olarak bendenize, üstelik de mor renkli  ve tesadüfen internette bu mektibuna rastlayınca, müziğe ve sanata aşık biri olarak Janis‘e bir sevgi ve saygı duruşu gösterip onun düşünce ve duygularını Janis Joplin sevenlerle paylaşmak istedim. Bir seveni “yaşadı ve bittiğine inandığında gitti, ölüm insana hiç bu kadar yakışmazdı” demiş, Ne diyelim…O da kendince bir yaşam sürdü işte…Umarım gittiği yerde aradığını bulmuştur.


                                    Janis Joplin – American singer-songwriter

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Autographed letter signed, 8,5 x 11 inch, six pages, October 25, 1965, to her boyfriend, Peter de Blanc, written and signed in dark ink “Love XXXXXXX – Janis”, expected mild letter folds and very minor signs of wear – in nearly very fine condition. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope, addressed in Joplin’s hand and postmarked Port Arthur, Texas, October 25, 1965.

Joplin writes a long, social, and at times revealing letter, announcing that she is apprehensive about getting some school test results, and stating that she is thinking of her correspondent and his health, “I don´t understand why you have to stay in the hospital when they aren´t treating you or anything. But then maybe the doctors feel it´s serious enough to warrant constant care. Have they done another liver biopsy? Well, hell, I guess they know what they´re doing. Take care of yourself baby, don´t do anything rash…I mean I´m worried, that´s a drag”, and also reporting on her own life, “I was sort of sad yesterday so I didn´t go sing in Beaumont – I really didn´t feel like it. Finally I decided that I needed some good old fashioned escapism so Dad & I went to a movie. (Have you ever gone to the movies w/ a parent when the entire theater is clogged w/ dates? Phoo) We saw Ship of Fools & The Ipcress Files. Ship of Fools was very depressing & I identified absolutely everyone in it! They were all full of needs & wants & were all frustrated. Gawd. The Ipcress File was pretty good. A super-spy thriller. We enjoyed it”.

Joplin returns to the subject of her education and in particular her freshman sociology class, ˜Most of the people are juniors & serious & I did do well. Fuck you if you think it was “alright considering the level of the class”. Fuck you!”, before also commenting on the cold weather and getting a coat tomorrow (“suede with a FUR collar”) adding that it´s hard to build up a wardrobe from scratch as clothes are expensive, “Guess I won´t die but I surely would like to have one of those college girl outfits w/ socks & a sweater. Ah well, that´s what I get for being a beatnik I guess – now when I want them I don´t have any clothes”.

Joplin also expresses her regret at missing the Southeast Texas State Fair (“I used to have a lot of fun at them”) and demonstrates a touch of jealousy towards her boyfriend, “So Maryann´s taking to writing to you. How sweet. You better watch yourself baby. I don´t think her aims are as innocent as she thinks. I think she´d like to see you just fucked up enough to need & want her again. Oh Jesus. God I know that your past won´t go away but it just kills me every time you talk about one of them w/ that tinge of pride in your voice. Pride that you have been so “versatile”. It just makes my stomach knot. I think you still think it´”cute” & that you are all the more charming because of it”

At this point Joplin concludes her letter, before beginning again “Later, at home”, and proclaiming “Aren´t you glad that the bell rang & I had to go to class in the middle of my tirade?” and adding that she has just read his letter, “So you´re jealous of Mr. Coyle! Tee hee. How sweet of you. I can assure you he´s the farthest thing from a threat. He is very intelligent but he´s also ridiculously skinny & unhealthy looking…Do I bug you about the thronging hordes of women around you every day?! Jeez. Actually, I was very flattered!”

The singer also informs her boyfriend “I don´t know why but I don´t really feel very good today – kind of drug & nervous & apprehensive & worried. I guess maybe it was our lovely conversation yesterday. I don´t know, I just feel bad”.

Joplin concludes her letter, “Bye, I love you, don´t worry about Mr. Coyle – he´s ugly – keep in touch, I miss you, & I wish this whole fucking thing would be over w/ & we could just be happy!”

By 1965, Joplin was an out-of-control heavy drinker and heroin user. Her condition prompted friends to throw her a ‘bus fare party’ for a return to Port Arthur, where she might have a chance to turn her life around. Unfortunately, after traveling from New York to formally ask her family’s permission to marry her, de Blanc broke off the engagement.


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